No time for love Dr. Jones
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2002-05-10 02:16:08 (UTC)

this is the last song that i write, til you tell me otherwise.....

by crikey it's been a while ain't it? well, not a great
deal to write about, and even less time in which to write
it lately. i've pulled a sicky from work today on account
of this shocking headache, and i thought i should attend to
a few things while i have the time.

work = sucks.
it's boring as hell and it's really quiet at the mo.
there's fuck all to do most of the time so i sorta stare at
the walls. donkey balls.

family = driving me buggy.
not all of them. and not all at the same time. one day
aaron will be shiting me to tears, the next day it'll be
mum. or dad etc etc. i NEED to get out of this house before
i find a firearm. or a toothpick. or some other malicious

car = running.
nuff said.

carolyn = not too shabby.
we speak once a week or so, and it's really good. i don't
think we've gotten on so well ever. she laffs at my jokes,
i laff at hers, it's a nice little thing we got going now,
and quite frankly, i fuggin dig it.

rob and the boys = indifferent.
i think we're drifting apart a little, i hardly ever gt to
talk to any of em, and i won't be seeing them til probably
december since i pulled out of BFO 2K2. sucks but that's
what happens when you move to a galaxy far, far away.

star wars episode II = fuckin dancer!
only 6 sleeps to go! probably the most anticipated thing in
my life at the moment right after...

belinda = all hunky dory
we've been getting on totally well-ly (?) the other night
we went to the moofies and then went back to her place and
watched tv and more. i didn't end up leaving til aboot 2 am
coz we were busy being cuddly and cool. i like her heaps,
and i think she's starting to warm up to me, which is hella

well that's aboot it fer now, i can't guarantee how long
til my next entry (hence the title) so til next time, there
can be only one.......