Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2001-06-05 21:59:14 (UTC)

awake??? HA!

Well, yea so...some people would call me a narcolept...
and others probably wonder if i own a bed...
and then those close to me know the truth...
i cant stand sleeping.

i think sleep is almost as bad as pissing.

but seriously, i cant stand wasting time in my bed when soo
much is going on out there.
i lay there at night and wonder "wots so and so doing?"
it could be 4 oclock in the morning and i am *fighting* to
keep my eyes open, but i still want to be out there having
fun..or at least out of my house!!!!

i suppose that i should take a nap...
one friend in particular tells me that i should...
but sleep is almost as evil as that jiggly stuff...jello..

yup, sleep.... sleep..