Me and X
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2002-05-10 01:21:02 (UTC)


feeling lonely and all fucked up..
i am a fuck up.. insane day at work, and came home to
realize i have to finish more work for an incomplete... or
i wont ever be able to go back to college. completely
stressed.. parents bitching.. miss x..
want to cry.

i called my boss to call out from work tomorrow and i broke
down crying because of the stress..... ive got too much
shit to do...... why oh why oh why oh why did i do this to
my life?
oh ya.. my credits fucked, im in debt, and i have nooo
money to pay it off

im okay.. it is not the end of the world. i still have
me.. i still have my parents, my bro, my job, my x. im okay

ill feel much better tomorrow

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