to win the game u gotta play
2002-05-10 00:38:22 (UTC)

my life as a JD

today while me and Kara wuz in dac (fighting) that gurl
that we had got into the fight with tried to fight us
again. when she swung at kara, she ducked and that hoe
shattered her fist and busted it open. she passed out and
she told the teacher (when she came through) that me and
kara tried to gang up on her and she was trin to defend
herself. the rest of our homies who saw and some other kids
told that woman what really happened so we didnt get in no
more trouble. Juan is starting to flip out. His friend Jose
was just killed by a drive by shooting. I know it wuz west
side who did it. they were pissed at jose 4 some reason. ne
wayz i gotta go now kara wants on.