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2001-06-05 21:01:51 (UTC)

Yesterday was ok but then.....

Well my week has been ok.This week i been pushin my limit
on the inteernet cuz usually i have to get off at 10 but
now im gettin off at like 12 o well i dont give a fuck what
my mom says ne more.Shes bein a bitch.Oh about yesterday i
was in a great mood....of course i come home and i get
bitched out by my mom last night cuz of somethin stupid
about my brother,i cant say shit to him but he can say all
he wants to me.It sux i cant wait till i move out in 3
years.Well as if it couldnt get worse.i was on and my best friend/no
name/(she moved to a different city, but lets jus say i use to live
at her house pretty much),
told me that her dad has been molesting her and
that she thinks her b/f is gonna leave her and she cut
herself worse then usual which really scares me cuz she cuts herself
pretty bad. i luv her to death.Shes comin over this saturday which im
really happy about!but she always says shes comin over and
doesnt.i really miss her since she moved even though its a
city away it seems like so far away.If she kills herself i
dont know how im gonna live bc shes the only one keepin me
from commitin very proud of myself cuz i
havent been in deep depression in like 2 or 3 weeks which
is very good for me.
Yesterday i got the sum41 cd which is
realy wayz the end of school is comin which is a
big big YES!!! cuz i cant stand it ne more.Im bout to go
off on all my teachers.God this (no name) has got me shakin
now and i dont know why.Me and my friend kayla were talkin
and im gonna chill wit her and get hye like a bunch this
summer cuz shes a crack head....but im not gonna do it
everyday cuz im afraid i will fry my brain like some of my
friends which isnt kewl. i know this one dude that cant
keep his head still bc hes so stoned all the time...and my
ex b/f is fried in the head cuz of it.O well it makes ya
feel kewl.And i need that kind of get away right now.oooo i
cant wait lol.We got this thing in home ec where we gotta
bring in some kind of snack but how am i suppose to do that
with no money.My mom doesnt have ne money in the bank...all
shes got is $20 and shes gotta take money out of her
savings account which i think is for MY college.This is jus
great.Oh today wouldve been kewl cuz im hyper jus one
prob....i have a headache lol. Oh this dude named jeremy is
tryin to find my diary lol, but he wont.Or atleast i hope he
wont find it.
Oh yea i forgot to tell ya that sunday i didnt
go to my dads house i went to a church picnic was fun.i saw
jess there and i saw her 2 kids which i miss babysittin cuz
there cuties.Josh can get annoying but they r easy money
cuz u sit josh infront of a nintendo game and hes out.jakes
a cutie i jus follow him round the house and play with
him.I like babysittin good kids.Like anthony,dell and
yvonnes son, he is funny and jus plays games too.
In math class today we had 2 ppl sing and they r good. im jus glad
mr logan wasnt in there cuz he wouldve made everyone sing
like last time. I jus said my twin got the abilities and he
passed me lol.i know how to work some smith my
other math teacher said he was comin to our house this
summer if i have him next year. My house is so messy and i
bet he expects it to be clean so i want him to come over
and see my environment lol.Thats what he said 'he wants to
see ppl in there natural environment'.lol lozer.Well im
gonna go cuz i think this is long enough.