Anuxa's Journal
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2002-05-10 00:09:11 (UTC)

Merry Meet!

Hi. My name is Anuxa... this is new for me... I never
really had a diary, I never really needed one before. But I
suppose it is good to express ones emotions. Well where to
start? Okay I live in Connecticut. I hate it here. I play a
Bass Guitar, It's one of my only joys of life. I love Rock
Music and Metal... punk is okay, Not all of it. I can not
stand pop. I am Pagan. I am constantly harassed for it but
I have gotten used to it. I am in the eighth grade. My
teachers are cool... well only when I am not in trouble. *I
can say that about anyone* My best friends are Bri, Jess,
Amber, Jenni, and a few other people. I have brown hair and
I am 5'2. I am not fat, I am kind of skinny but mostly
muscle *I am not huge* I weigh 114 lbs... I was going out
with someone but they "had" to dump me because I am
pagan... Nice huh? his name is Joe. now all of a sudden he
is allowed to hang out with me *his mom said he could not
because I am Pagan* and he wants to go out with me again...
I dont know what to do. I still like him but I dont want
things like this to happen again. I suppose I would if he
asked me... 'tis better to have loved and lost than to have
never loved at all. well anyhoo, back to me, people
normally think I am stupid. I am not, I just act it. I can
be very pessimistic but I don't normally let people I know
see that side of me. I am not popular, infact I never want
to be. I dont know what type of scene I would go into but
it would be between punk and goth. I can be very Dark,
people dont much notice that part of me, but when I am
furious no one wants to be within a mile radius of me. My
eyes change color with my mood... they are mostly blue/gray
but when I am depressed the can become almost purple, when
I am enraged they become either yellow or red. It's kind of
cool but it is pretty freaky as well. I can not stand
people who think they are better than me, even if they are
no one wants to hear about it. I also hate people who
bother my friends, even if I do not know the person I hate
watching them pick on my friends. People can be so crewl. I
get easily frustrated, people dont notice that much either.
I don't really let people see who I really am and I regret
doing so. I am Bi-sexual, yeah who cares. I didn't really
tell people untill I kept being bothed by people calling
others gay. It is extreemly annoying. I have never had sex,
so don't think I am a whore, I may say things but don't get
the wrong idea.I guess there is really nothing left to say
about me. I am just a normal person. I am not ignorant so I
know I am not origanal. would be kind of nice though.dont
you think? well since there is nothing left to say except a
bunch of mindless junk I will go. Blessed be.

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