The Celtic Knot
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2001-06-05 20:20:33 (UTC)

Changes in the weather and such

I have unpacked, and retouched a place that I had not
visited in a while. Perusing the works of Kant, Nietzsche,
Emerson, and Keats during a thoughtful moment on
illusions. Hmmm...once the illusion loses form, one
realizes the mistake. A mistake made, therefore a lesson
learned, the perspective enhanced, making it doubtful that
the mistake will be made again. I have a pair of old
slippers that I have had for years, and felt great pleasure
in sliding my feet into them every morning. I threw those
slippers in the waste bin today and bought a pair of new
ones. Dearfoams, to be exact, and I slid my feet into
their cushy softness and felt good. New slippers, enhanced
perspective...it is all for the good.