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2001-06-05 20:01:43 (UTC)

see how fast my mood changes.....

dy: well u tell me..

bUtt3Rf|Y: u noe mist? vapour? steam? its all there rite u
can see em.. bubbles too... its all nice and all... but u
cant have em... the moment u touch em and try to catch em.
they disappear.. poof just like dat.. and it ismply works
like dat.. circumstances cause it so... u cant have em...
no matter how much u be;ieve u can.. its never gonna be
there...for u to keep dat is...
bUtt3Rf|Y: ok.. ask me whats my point now

dy: i'm not too sure...
dy: but i got some of it..

bUtt3Rf|Y: ok u noe dat mist.. dat steam... dat vapour..
dat bubble... dats you.

dy: n wat r the circumstances???

bUtt3Rf|Y: u noe i noe..
bUtt3Rf|Y: things..

dy: dt aint a reason n u noe it
dy: tt doesnt have to end everythin
dy: its all up to us
dy: up to u.
dy: cos i dun.
dy: i'mnot lettin it.

bUtt3Rf|Y: but its der aint it.

dy: yea it is..
dy: but its not endin anythin.
dy: jus somein tt cums by...n goes..

bUtt3Rf|Y: i guess.. but im just lost.
bUtt3Rf|Y: dats it.. lost de word

dy: well lemme say it again..
dy: i love you
dy: dats al u need to noe
dy: cos tt's all there is to it
dy: n i think u might have jus forgotten tt.

bUtt3Rf|Y:u noe i still have dat sms u sent me.. didnt
delete dat one

dy:well glad to noe.
dy:cos i really meant it.
dy: still do.

bUtt3Rf|Y: u noe dat i love u rite..

dy: yea.

bUtt3Rf|Y: god....... why do we have so many problems...

dy: ur lettin em catc up wit u..

bUtt3Rf|Y: u noe dy.. its amazing how we switch places..
bUtt3Rf|Y: how maybe one week ago... im deone trying to sound
optimistic..u goin pessimistic.. and now its de opposite

dy: ;)
dy: well tt's how we survive dun we...

bUtt3Rf|Y: pack me.
dy: i'd want to..
dy: but like u said..
dy: circumstances doesnt allow me to..


well der u go... see how am i s'posed to live without my dy?? im just
so emotionally dependant on her... i think i wanna go work out and be
so small framed so dat i can squeeze into her baggage.. but
circumstances will still prevent me from so...

Argh..i wanna go elysium.. with my dy.. its place where everything is


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