The Life Of A Pre-Rock Star
2002-05-09 22:24:40 (UTC)

May 9th.........Greenday on my mind

Today I went to my first Greenday concert. They were
touring with Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182. Although I
wasn't pleased that they were opening for Blink, I had to
see them live. Afterall they are the band that got me
interested in Punk music.

The concert rocked. Jimmy Eat World played like pro's and
Greenday kicked so much ass. It made me wonder if I'd ever
fufill my dream and whether or not it would be me on that
stage one day. Well, all things said and done, I want it
more than ever. Blink 182 sucked ass, they sang out of
tune and played poorly, so bad that alot of people left.
That's pretty sad considering they were headlining. Dusty
and I left as well. *shrugs* Anyways, at that point I knew
that if those losers could make it, then I'd be a golden
god one day. LOL. Well, that's about it. See ya later.