the life of Me....boring huh?
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2001-06-05 19:47:52 (UTC)

Ranting about Gary.....

Yes, the title defienetly gives it away. I'm just gonna
sit here and werite about how Gary completely amazes me.
Everything about him is completely perfect. Like, this is
the first time i've had a boyfriend and havent' had one
doubt about it yet. Like, if ma and him have a little
argument, we'll be upset at first, and then like not even
1/2 an hour later we're apologizing and huggin and it so
wonderful!!! Like, serisouly thinking about it, the only
thing that kinda upsets me is the way he kinda seems snappy
at me when i talk to him on the phone sometimes, but even
then, its not all the time. I love his eyes. they are
such a shade of dark brown i seriously think i can get lost
in them. he is so cute. All my friends think me and him
are so cute together. if you look at us from afar, it
mkinda looks like a bad match cause hes like a foot taller
than me, but me and him are actually very similar.
yesterday Gary was by me for a little bit when i was
selling back my boks(which took forever) and i was in line
with Natalie and Tony(tony was just standin there with her)
and she thought it was he cutest thing cause he was so tall
i couldn't put my head on his shoulder so i just put my
head on his chest instead. I guess that was kinda cute
though. he he.....AGH! i am so happy with him. I also
consider myself the luckiest girls to have found someone as
awesome as him to share part of my life with......well, i
guess i should go for now. Until next time, bye bye and
sweet dreams!!

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