The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-05-09 21:21:02 (UTC)

Please don't keep-a me waiting!

Wow. I'm exhausted.

This summer certainly isn't going to be Andy's Pittsburgh
Indie Rock Party 2K2. There's a lot of work to be done
here; Gawain the dog, as noted, is a big responsibility
himself, but I have lots of work at the museum, too.

I need to make some friends here, as well...I'm a bit
surprised at how lonely I am already. I just need to start
getting to shows and getting in touch with people I've met
through, in this case, a two locals named
Rachel and Nicole.

One problem, and one problem only:

I've just been so damn tired. The lightheadedness thing,
over the course of the last three months, has always been
harder to ignore when I'm stressed out, and I'm under a lot
of stress right now. So it's been hard to focus, and I've
been very fatigued. I made an appointment with an ear
doctor for next week, since that's the only sort of doctor
I haven't seen yet. I talked to mom, and she thinks I
should go the emergency room. I guess it's an option, albeit a rather
hysterical one.

We'll certainly see, won't we?