Diary of Me...
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2002-05-09 21:06:59 (UTC)

I Hate Me..

*sigh* I cannot stand myself anymore. I hate everything
about me.. i should just go on crack or something. The past
couple of weeks I had been really good about not being so
down on myself.. but it's back at full speed.. I feel so
depressed and I don't know why :-( I'm HOPEING it's just
like.. PMS or something.. I can't really say why I hope..
but.. just like, personal shit. Today sucked.. school
pisses me off so much I can't wait until summer. I fucking
HATE Mr. Raposo. He's such a fucking asshole! GRRRR! The
only cool class today was Bio, which can be cool
sometimes.. cuz like, people in there actually talk to me.
I swear, everyone hates me or something. I didn't do
anthing jesus! I try to be a nice person, but people don't
fucking care! Fuck the whole world!! Then I try helping my
friend, they don't want help. ERRRR! I give up.. on
everything. I try, i try... it doesn't work. And I dont
know whats been going on it my head lately but i've been
pissing myself off. Plus today my mom won't get my fucking
medicine. I'm gonna STOP writing for now becuz i'm gonna
start flipping out and be even more pissed off.

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