2001-06-05 19:16:53 (UTC)

Another tough day...

Well today is the viewing for Heather. It's gonna be a hard
one. All of the freshman cheerleaders are going together
tonight, so at least we will be there for each other. It
still feels like a dream. I've never had anybody really
close to me die before. Two old men from my church died a
while ago. And my little sister had a friend die of a liver
disease. That was really hard, I didn't know her too well,
but to see my little sister go through something like that
at such a young age was really hard. I mean how do you deal
with something like this? I know life has to go on, and I
know I'll rememeber Heather, everyone will. It's still
kinda a shock though, ya know? And people who didn't really
know her, just are like, "yeah it sucks about Heather huh?"
well duh it sucks, it hurts, and they don't take it as hard
as I do, because I knew her. Well I guess all I can do is
pray. Hopefully the weather will be nice for tomorrow so at
the funeral we can see/feel Heather looking down on us from
heaven... smiling.

---{--@ Kelly