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2002-05-09 20:20:57 (UTC)

flash consecutive days...

Tuesday (May 7) evening when I had a dinner date with my
chat friends at Max in Megamall...I brought them the
pictures taken last December when we had an eb coz one of
them needed it. It was really fun coz I get the chance to
be with 'em again...though I was with them only for
dinner...coz you know... I got work to do...after dinner,
they watched the movie "I am Sam".

I was quite amazed that night since I saw my crush and was
touched by the things he did for me...oh know me
sweetie..small things count a lot to me...this guy was one
of my crushes that is so sweet and kind. I already got a
crush on him since the first night that I met him...I've
got a lot of things that reminds me of him like the wallet!
now this prepaid internet card! LOL (isnt that too
senti?). Though its sad to think that he has a girlfriend
already...imma say that im fine and okay...maybe he's not
really meant for me...

Well... off to dinner, im stock at work and when the
morning came ( May 8 )...time to be with my
family...gosh..I have no sleep yet....

My family will be going to the cemetery (Himlayang
Pilipino) to visit my granny there and be with my cousins,
uncle, auntie and others. When I was there, I did have a
peace of mind since the cemetery has a nature touch and is
so quiet...(what do you expect?) and because of this, I was
able to rest for a while.

Then came all of them...say a little prayer for those
burried and then left for Antipolo. The family used to do
this yearly particularly every month of May. Though Im
already a Born-again Christian believer, I go with them
just for the "family bonding" sake..and not for any other
reason like they have ( basically to attend mass in the
church there). We had lunch afterwards in the "Hinulugang
Taktak" Park. Oh well...I've been hearing about this and
was amazed and kinda shocked when I saw the place. There
you can see a waterfall but stinks a little already, and
this shocked me.

When we got home, two of my cuz asked if we could go
online, they'll just check out there emails. I said
ok...When we're online...ohmygosh..another ex-crush of mine
was online and we had a chance to chat for around 30 mins.
What a luck! Oh well...this guy was one of my old crush
too...and well...he's an officemate but as of now...perhaps
I dont have a crush on him already. We chat about our
faith and the I love it! It feels really good
when you talk about something about faith and spiritual

Then I slept all day and all night..and then *poof* another
working day ( May 9 ) is waiting for me when I woke up...

What a flash!

4:22 AM

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