Sunshyne's Life
2002-05-09 19:32:58 (UTC)

May 9th, 2002

Last weekend the local pagan community held a large Beltane
campout, which Grady and I chose not to attend. Instead we
went camping at our favorite (primitive) campground. Well,
in light of what happened while we were not there, perhaps
we should have gone...

It seems that two people, whom both I consider as close
acquaintances, decided to exchanges physical blows. One
lady is pregnant, one is still recovering from a serious
shoulder/spine injury. I'm not follish enough to think
that my mere presence would have prevented their tempers
from clashing, but I can't help but think that I could have
done *something*.

The entire community is still recovering from "The
Incident", and I sincerely hope that the community as a
whole grows ans learns from what happened. Thankfully, it
looks like there will indeed be a Samhain campout this
year. It even looks like I will be put on the Head Camping
Commitee, and be in charge of the Bartering Circle! It
would definitely be gratifying, since it seems like at this
time that I've been in and around the community I always
got the impression that I wasn't taken very seriously.
Well, that trend might be changing...

Orin (my son) is calling for me, so I'd better see what he
needs/wants. Until later...