crackheads thoughts
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2002-05-09 18:59:27 (UTC)


hey people!! there is like all kinds of stuff going on now
b/c we r in lock down. i dunno whats going on b/c g wont
call the office like i asked him 2.....that would be the
smart thing 2 do 2 see whats going on. but i talk 2 brandon
al little bit 2 day.. but not very much. me and jamie tryed
2 get in his bookbag 2 see if he HAD wrote me that letter
or not but we couldnt find it so we packed it down in the
hall way until he cought us. and then he kicked me and
jamie and then told me 2 get on 2 class and which i went
cause i didnt want 2 get wrote up. but thats a different
story. this is really wired cause huffmun has not come in
the room yet and said waz is going on like he normaly does.
but anyway ashley pedigo is back 2 day which is kool and i
made a 64 on a test

gots 2 go