Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
2001-06-05 18:17:35 (UTC)

...ugh damnit...

I'm so fucking pissed....I haven't been able to sleep well
for like a fucking week and I asked my doctor for sleeping
pills and you know what she says? Excersize. Ok fine
whatever I fucking excersize for two damn days without
sleep and still NO GOD DAMN SLEEP. So I go to ask her again
today....her answer: Excersize more. FUCK YOU see maybe she
can fucking sleep and everythings god damned peachy for her
but I was fucking crying last night and still am because
NOT SLEEPING FUCKING HURTS damnit. My mom thinks the
doctors right. I would go out and get the fucking pills
myself but I won't have the damn money for two weeks so I'm
praying that my friend can get them for me so MAYBE I can
possibly have a normal nights sleep like EVERYONE else in
the fucking world.

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