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2002-05-09 18:23:01 (UTC)

May 4, 2002 Well what can I..

May 4, 2002
Well what can I say, today I really didn’t do anything. (
thank god, I needed a break) hmmm oh am really exited I
should be visiting one of my closest friend in Pomona, (hey
susy) so that should be fun. Ah I made this crappy ass
collage I don’t know today I felt all artsy and I got out
my drawing pad and my charcoal pencils and compressed
charcoal and drew for a while, then I felt crafty and I
started knitting I did that for a couple of hours then I
felt artsy again and I went to go buy magazines and glue
sticks, and did some crazy collages, (hehehe) I bought
some new jewelry for my piercing also. Got a couple of
sports bras so I can run with support (sniker) and so me
small t-shirts along with wife beaters ( they are nice to
sleep in ).

I have decided, am very unhappy with my weight so am going
to lose at least 20 pounds. So I started jogging today, I
plan to jog 4 times a week. Am really exited, if I can get
my tummy the way I want it to be, I promised myself to get
a tattoo on it. So that’s my motivation.
Ahh I have to get a job, I really don’t care what my job is
but then again I don’t want to work at a super market. But
then again money is money. So am all not sure were I want
to work. am just going of applying to a bunch of places
that look interesting and see what happens.( I really want
to work at the mortuary you would be surprised at how many
jobs opening they have beside embalmers)
Mmmm I bought this lotion that smells soooo good, mmmm
Oh I got 3 new fish, you know the kind that hate other
fish, the weird asocial ones, I put their little
aquariums together and they get all agitated, its so funny(
well it was amusing for like 2 minutes then it got boring
and I moved them to were they can see each other, so they
would settle down) I finally cleaned my hamsters cage,(
well its not like I have never cleaned it I clean once a
week but this week, what with going back to LA, I didn’t
have the time and I frankly forgot about the little
critter). Oh my gosh the pet store had so many cute
little puppies. Oh my gosh the craziest most flattering
thing happened to me today. So we are at Huntington park
my mom is making a payment of some sort at some store and I
leave to buy my little brother some ice cream, and the guy
who worked in the store like gave me a free scoop of ice
cream, I was like, “thank you”, I though it was so nice.
The guy didn’t even say anything he just winked and gave me
an extra scoop, when I left the shop I was cracking up. It
was just funny to me. Well anyway. It totally made my
day. J …
Hmmm I still havent put away some of my clothes I think am
going to do that, well