Randi Lynn

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2002-05-09 18:17:10 (UTC)


I had a tick in my hair yesterday, like, trying to kill me,
and my step dad took it and pulled it out. You're not
supose to pull ticks out, you can get lime disease. My cat
carreid the ticks in. now im freake dout i think im gonna
get ticks all over me! I hope i dont get in trouble,
because since yesterday this kid that sits next to me
during computer has been bein lazy and after i print off
something i did, he puts his name on it and prints it for
himself..not everytime, some times, so the work is exacly
liek mine, cuz it is mine, so when the comptuer teacher
sees it, she might notice, which is bad. It can be called
cheating and i can get in trouble. Although he's the one
cheating, i guess Im the one who's helpin him cheat. It's
his loss, he wont know how to do things when the final
comes around, or when a test comes around..if we have
tests. I get the idea people dont like it when i laugh,
some people, like my friends, dont care, but other people
get mad..Like my mom. Now im afraid to go near that russian
guy, alexi, I dont think he likes me very much although he
dunno me. Life goes on. well...I might write more later!