Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2002-05-09 18:09:45 (UTC)

05.05.01 Dream

This was one of the longest dreams i think that i have ever
had. The details were amazingly clear, so was the visceral
experience. In breif; I was Afganistan or Pakistan. It was
incredibly hot, not any sort of normal hot. If you were out
in it for more than about 10 minutes you could die. there
was unusual structures that seemingly were never finished.
I was with my wife, and we were trying to get out of the
sun when the car died. we had to walk to the nearest camp.
But distances are warped and it is much farther than it
looks. we barely made it to an abandoned camp. i found
some wet moss, and if you squeezed it, you could get a
little water out of it. i was doing this when someone from
another tribe came and stole my wife. I had to get her
back. but now she wasnt my wife but my girlfriend. I found
a tribe that would help me. I was driving a Mercades
dune-buggy with a 50mm cannon mounted we made straffing
runs on their camp. but they had some guys on buggies too.
Then I was in this village, mostly arab type tents, but
there was one perminate structure with the back wall slanted
and you could scramble up it and sit. i met her (wife,
girlfriend, now just a woman we had to save) on top of this
slanted wall. she was wearing a police uniform and the
lower part of her face was mutilated. she told me stories
of the abuses she had endured, they were horrible. but
then the leader from the opposing camp came in and called to
her, she said that she had to go. i told her she didnt but
she went anyway. Myself and two other americans were
determined to steal her away from their camp. We drove the
buddie of a cliff and 0one of the guys had a kite that he
used to slow his decent, i had a large umbrella and the
thrid had a smaller umbrella. we landed about a quarter of
the way down the cliff in a sideways crevas. We had a camp
there with suplies. We got loaded up and at night we clibed
down the cliff. there were steps there, but you could see
them unless you knew where they were. we landed on a train
and then jumped off.
and that was about it.
it was really long and detailed.