Life of Joolz
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2001-06-05 18:06:33 (UTC)

Tuesday 6th June 2001

Was late for work yesterday morning-Ron turned alarm off
night before-didn't gerrin till 8pm! What a rush-lost time
coz of that-now am 5.30 hrs down-bolox. Gonna do extra 20 mins a day
from now on.
Very very tired and feel unwell-stomach bloated and bit
painful. Worked my arse off today-did 5 extra hard cases
and worked till 2.20pm to start gaining flexi-time. Feel put upon at
work-I get all hard cases and I'm sick of it! Then
went shopping at Wilko's for household stuff and Superdrug-
got John Frieda shampoo and conditioner called 'Blonde'-
tester size. Didn't get home till 3.40pm and Ron came back
10 minutes later in a panic-tried ringing me as usual but
when got no answer rang voicemail and heard my daft
message. He thought I had gone off rails again and rushed
home!! Re-assured him that I have not gone off rails just
late home that's all. Changed voicemail coz I didn't like
it anyway-sounded a right prat. I hate my fone.
Can hardly keep eyes open.

Menu yesterday: Breakfast--orange juice and banana
Lunch: apple
Evening meal--organic pizza with loadsa half fat cheese and
mushrooms, extra garlic, american fries, salad with mark's iceberg/
coleslaw/olives/vine tomatoes/pesto mayonnaise/thinly sliced red
onion-yum. Was starving.
In bed--6 droste orange pastilles (choc from holland) and cuppa weak
Alcohol:1 glass red vino (yes only one) 1 glass strongbow cider

Was not very hungry during day yesterday-too busy and bloated to eat.
Vanessa has emailed me to say can't look after ginnies IF I go away
in July-she is in London for 2 weeks-got a ball to go to and an
engagement-bolox, gonna have to ask Peter.
Popsie has been scratching last night again, blood on her side again-
v.worried, but not too bad today (vets on sat at 11am)
Weather report: slightly warm bit sunny with clouds, in otherwords
shite for June-sun came out at 4pm a bit. had early bath and am ready
for bed now, may get in it soon.
Have to look for flights to tenerife for 4 people in Jan for Debs.

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