Loo's Daily Affirmations
2002-05-09 16:23:54 (UTC)

It's been forever...

But here's an update.

Nothing exciting has been happening and that in and of
itself is so depressing that I stopped writing.

S had a birthday. Other than crying about a jillion times
that day she was fine. I was sorry there was nothing I
could say to make it better, but I know exactly how she
feels. 30's, single (but don't want to be), not the job she
wants (at least she's working on her business), and just
generally not in a place she wants to be. I am the same
way. So, I just sympathized and we waited until her party
that Friday and had fun. It really was a good time. And I
think I gave her a great gift. Another friend and I went in
together on Skechers skates. She loved them and it was
a "young" gift.

I am on vacation next week and all my procrastinating until
this point has made me really have to buckle down this
week. But I have almost everything finished AND the week is
almost over! My nieces are coming (2 yr & 6 months) and I
am going ot keep them while their parents go to Paris. Yay
for me! I love my girls SOoooo much.

I have gained some (not all) of my weight back, so I am
trying to get that under control while I am off as well. I
have cut to one meal a day, very low carb & fat. I will
jsut do this while I am at mom's keeping the girls and
exercise some and see if I can't get back on track with it.

Oh yeah, I still have mondo crush on RI guy. He called
yesterday because we exchanged drunken cinco de mayo calls
this weekend... hmmmm.

My dad has started his subscription drive for his business
and once that gets up and he can sell, he will sell hid
house/property and mom will too and we will moveeeeeee to
Va. We have been looking at all the horse farm listings
that he can find. And some are NICE. I have been throwing
out all the descriptions that don't have a guest/caretaker
cottage or at least a suite on a floor away from the main
floor where I could have my own apartment.

Oh, and S's roommate may be movingf to Tx and I told my
roomie (the up-all-night bartender/waitress/wanna be
student) that if it actually happened, I was going to move
in w/S. Yay!!

OK, going now, that is all my news think...

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