This mess of mine.
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2001-06-05 17:47:53 (UTC)


IT would seem that I am not enough...

I was right...

Kev has had a topic posted on the Pumpkins board about us
for a lil while now called Is love always enough?
I replied with a sad Yes It Is! post about a week ago.

I checked it tonight and Kev wrote in there a couple of
hours ago.
It says:
It would seem, that it wasn't............
-Dream = Reality = Forever
(For he who dares dream himself into reality will not be
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I was Decadence, now I'm more concerned with what's good
for me.

I am crying so fucking hard right now. He is breaking up
with me. I guess this is his way of preparing me. I don't
I am crying so fucking hard right now. I feel so bad. I
want to die.

I want to hold him with me forever.