Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2002-05-09 05:35:04 (UTC)

Slot Machines, Piss Tests and Much More...

So, yesterday Josh and I went to the movies. We saw 40
Days and 40 Nights. It was cute. When we got home, my mom
told me that Penny had stopped by. She wanted to take me
to Greektown, which is a gambling place in Detroit. So, we
drove up to Detroit...had a good time laughing and talking,
Taomi, Penny and I. So, we get into the casino and Penny
gave me 20.00 to play slot machines on. I held on it, cuz
I knew if I didn't, I would prolly loose it in the first
five minutes. Those damn machines were the devil in
Vegas. So, after an hour of holding on to the money. I
stuck my twenty bucks in a machine called, Double Desire.
I don't know, it was calling my name or something. After
about five bucks of the twenty, the machine started going
crazy. I apparently hit something, although I didn't know
what. I yelled for Penny to come over. I hit 75.00...Yay
for that. :) So, I had 300 quarters or so...I played off
the uneven ammount and ended up hitting agian on the same
machine. So, when I cashed out, I ended up with 150.00.
Double Yay for that!! I only spend 30.00 of it back. And
then Penny and Taomi stopped at Wal-Mart and I went
shopping!! I haven't seen a hundred bucks in a long time!!
I was glad I won the money, cuz I was all stressed out
about getting my mom a mothers day present...but it all
worked out. I bought her some stuff from Wal-Mart and some
cigarrettes. LOL

So, today was the big piss test day. I sat in that damn
doctors office for 5 hours!!! It was horrible. I can NOT
pee in a cup to save my life. I get too nervous or
something...I know it's all in my head, but it was
horrible...nonetheless I hate it!