heaven's tearz
2001-06-05 16:04:43 (UTC)

I[ just another damn guy ]I

so last night i was talkin to my ex online...he was askin
me wha was wrong coz iwasnt talkinmuch as i usually do.. so
i told him dat i was just thinkin about wha me and
christine ( his homegirl ) was talkin about after we left
da club on sunday... coz i was tellin her how i felt all
hurt inside coz i am watchin ernie ( my ex ) fuken touchin
and feelin my homegirl..and dat damn dare she let
him.. !! where is da respect for me...dats was straight up
triflin... got me all whateva wha can i do about to i told him dat i cut my
hair..i used to have hair up to my ass now its more up to
my chin..biggest cut.... it was like waoh but its ok..i
kinda like it coz it seems cleaner and easier to manage...
so anyways... i told him i needed to burn some bidges and
go on..and he was like i agree w. i was like " dats
good u agree w. me coz i am tellin u good-bye"... i guess
in someways or another i was still into him...feelings were
still there... i hate seein him w. her hurts me coz
she was suppose to be my girl...wha kinda of girl was
she... so i moved on...i told him good bye and i am happy
w. my decision...i told him..he is like my hair...after a
while it u get sick of it and u cut it off and ur head
feels alot lighter... me and my homegirl laine was on da
phone w. dis guy name will..he sounds hot..i was diggin him
on da phone...but whateva ... we will see wha goes on...
anways so i guess dats it..