A day in the life....
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2002-05-09 04:09:49 (UTC)

once again...

Once again i write without the faintest clue as what to...
Silence does not become me at moments like this, and it
seems like everytime i go to speak when i most want to, my
mind becomes blank. Everytime i leave the one i'm with i
think of all the things i wanted to say, all the thoughts i
wanted to share...and it saddens me that i wasn't able to.
So i guess this is where i voice them.
I went up to Purdue today, see Brian. It was wonderful. I
met his grandpa in the morning, ate lunch with Brian, Kyle
and Ryan..played some pool (lost natually), helped piece
together a cabinet with Brian and Kyle. Went for a walk
around West Layfayette and Purdue campus. Just talking to
Brian. Saw Stutzy! that was cool! then we went back to the
Found, sat and talked some more, read the next chapter in
our devotional and it was time for me to leave. I REALLY
didn't want to..but i had to, ya know.
After i left and was driving home, i had conversations with
myself..odd really. But it was really nice. Helped me think
some things through. Life will be interesting these next
couple of months. So if you pray, keep me in yours please.
I'm tired...g'night and God bless