Life as I know it.
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2001-06-05 15:45:30 (UTC)

chainsmoking can be beneficial

Yesterday I went home for a bit...like to the parents
house. Picked up all the goods my mom got me from Florida
and went out to dinner.

Then I come back here for a total of a half an hour (this
was me being out all day before my mom's even) and went out
with a friend do drink and so she can check out this guy
who works there, he got off early and she asked me if i was
a good enough friend to leave. Of course I am, so I went
to Alan's.

ALan and I bought a case and proceeded to get drunk, okay
well he stopped at buzzed level I got drunk, not trashed, I
fell down his stairs too, so now i have this nice blistser
on my thum from carpet burn. Alan I both needed to get
drunk I think...the girl he was dating doesnt wany to see
him anymore, and well, Matt emailed me to tell me he
is "dating" (hey when he emailed me it was in quotation
marks) his new neighbor, I'm glad he told me but he went
against my wishes and emailed me after I told him I didnt
want anymore contact with him for a while. And it's like
he is trying to rub this in my face you know? He said he
should tell me before I find out from someone else, thats
good i can totally respect that. But still I feel like he
is playing games, I dont play games, so im sticking to my
original thing and am not emailing him.

Oh yeah what really sucks about me leaving the bar last
night was that I was getting into a nice conversation with
this one guy I was sitting next to too=0( He looked like
an Indie kid and i was like "awwww". I have a weakness for
indie kids especially when they wear glasses, and he
did...hell i wear em too.

AND when i came back from my mom's yesterday, there was a
half a message on my machine, sounds like i might have
landed a job interview somehow...I also have a mystery
number on my cell phone too. So before I even go job
hunting im going to call that. It's sad when i want lower
quality jobs than ones I could have, but I want a mindless
job for once. This is my fucked up list of jobs I have
year old i have a pretty decent resume....but oh my major
is pretty bad, like Im going to have to go to grad school
for I am an Anthropology major. I want to do Andean
Archaeology speicializing in the households of the common
people...and oh yeah i think there are only 9 others like
that in the world. In mongolia there is only archaeologist
so its a shot. I mean if i go to grad school here (after
taking a bit of time off) ill be payng the same per year as
an undergrad...but can i take all that schooling? Probably

Please someone find me a job I like.