My Life.............
2002-05-09 03:25:06 (UTC)

together again.:)

just when i was giving up on him, Bobby came back.:) he
really is a wonderful person, he just needs to stop the
I know he cares about me, i just wish i came first instead
of the beer, and then theres his mother, this woman hates
me, and ive never done a thing to her, except love her son,
this woman is, its hard to explain, she just hates everyone
and shes so mean to Bobby, and i admit hes mean to her to,
when i tell my sister about it she always says "yea, but,
you dont know all hes put her through", but, he is still her
son, shes supposed to love him not make him feel worse about
himself, and ive yelled at him for treating her like he
does....... i hate to go to his house because shes always
there, and i want to marry him someday, i dont think i would
be able to handle her being my mother-in-law, i just wish
she would get a boyfriend and move out, but, shes so nasty i
dont think anyone would want her..
I know she doesnt want Bobby and i to be together and im
afraid shes going to destroy our relationship, he told me
that he asked her not to break us up, so, i know hes giving
her some say so in our relationship..:(