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Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-05-09 01:44:08 (UTC)


lol...craig and scott had a food fight at lunch so i had
pudding french fries and bacon bits all over me (i sit next
to craig) then after lunch in the gazeebo chris threw a
carton of milk and craig kicked exploded all over
all of us...then i got detention in 6th for being not going tho...just gonna get 1 day iss

lol...on the bus me mike and ashley were playin a dirty
word asociation game...mike would say a word and we'd all
say the 1st thing that came to was great
sex penis pussy cock ass clit orgasm condom eat out

thats the one that ended the game for made
fun of me...mike said 'eat out' ashley said 'ew' i
smiled...mike was like 'OOOH look at that smile! thats
enough of an answer right there!' my face was like bright
red...everyone started laughin all started b/c i told john that gary said it
was 'fuck ur friend' day and he was like 'whats that' blah
blah blah till he got me to say 'vagina' then he was
like 'whats that couldnt hear ya' i yelled 'vagina'
really loud. that prompted a discussion about 'which sounds
dirtier: pussy or vagina?' (PUSSY!)

that was my day. not that interesting but oh well.

hmm...this diarys prolly gonna start gettin depressin

(this did have a convo btn me and ryan bout a certain guy but im too
paranoid now so it went bye bye)

oh goes on and i cant keep focusing on the
stupid bullshit!

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