No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-05-09 01:27:23 (UTC)


I live to dream
And dream to live
With nothing
I'll have more to give
I live in darkness
Darkness lives within
It feels my pain
Knows where I've been
I fear to live
And live with fear
Inside the night
There's no one here
Falling tears
Dry on my skin
Falling tears
Washed with sin
I dream to live
And live to dream
And nothing is
What it may seem

I want to walk the other side
Have others taste the tears I've cried
This need in me will not subside
So to the dark I run and hide

I curse the ones who led me here
Inside these walls I disappear
The punishment was most severe
My eyes reveal my darkest fear

Come watch me as I dig my grave
To the dark I've become a slave
It is the touch of death I crave
As I have no soul left to save

The stench of sadness and despair
Fill my lungs with poisonous air
And although I am quite aware
I breathe in deep without a care

With venomous blood I will stain
Hearts of those causing me great pain
Scouring them with acid rain
My demise will not be in vain

As Long As There's dArKnEsS

As long as there's darkness
I'll survive
As long as there's sadness
I'll get by
Well isn't that a shame?
It is what keeps me sane
I welcome all the pain

If only I knew the
Knew the reason why
If I could just give up
But still I try
I'm standing in the rain
Wanting someone to blame
Trying to clean the stain

I need to know
Where I should go
When will this end?
The suspense robs me
Of my only friend

I'm standing in the rain
Wanting someone to blame
Trying to clean the stain

In my eyes
You would see traces of darkness
Outlines of loneliness
And slivers of passion unleashed

In my eyes
You would see a salty sea
The waves would be frightening
The black water inviting

In my eyes
You would see a haunting
So dark and deep
That many look away in fear

In my eyes
You would see a fire raging
Ablaze with stifled passion
Awaiting your touch

In my eyes
If you look in them
And not through them
You would see forever


I cast a spell in silence
To those who's loss I mourned
And hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned

These souls that bask in shades of light
Will soon learn revenge pays
As a cloud rises above them
Showering them with darker days

So many are unaware
They do not understand
The power behind the magic
Until they touch the devil's hand

The wind will scream their names
As I watch the full moon rise
Witnessing pain in dreams
Rejoicing in their demise

I send a special blessing
From the bottom of my blackened heart
To all that dared to cross me
I'll tear their souls apart

For those of you who know
I'm sure you will agree
That what you do to others
Comes back to you times three

Hopeful Hatred
In all things there is Hope
Hope is the justification of sorrow
Confidence of shattered ecstasy
In all things there is Hate
Hate is the justification of anguish
Confidence of shattered reality
We love, we live
We hate, we die
We hope, we ?
Is there a cure for either or are they the means to each
Deception through passion
Truth through Obsession
Claims to love we say, falling from the tongue as blood
from a wound yet to be
Blood, the life inside. Soon to be spilt in Hate
How can Hell from the purest Heaven form?
Wonderment at the spiral, the decadence of the dance
The two become one, become farthest apart
Love is Hate
Obsession, Passion, Jealousy
Love or Hate or Both
One and the same
Love is internal, feelings secret inside
Hate is the rage, war torn heart fighting without the shell
We are the Passions and Obsessions of the Hopeful Hatred.

"From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were; I have not seen
As others saw; I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I loved, I loved alone."

-Edgar Allen Poe

I remember fragrance of our romance
the soft, pure velvet of your kiss
your loving smile, your soulful laugh
a photograph of your love still exists
I remember trembling of your lips
I wandered from star to star in your eyes
deeply in the heavens of your soul
kissing each star reflecting your love
I saw heaven within your eyes
my heart sang a song of happiness
it sang in harmony with yours
each word, a song of contentment
our love was sweet as peppermint
the whisper of your voice, sings a song