2002-05-09 01:15:58 (UTC)

We are meant to be together! Forever and Ever!

Hey.......Y'all Elliot ...ahhhh... yes So today I went on-
line and did this crush think to see if u and ur crush are
compactable here's what it said..the stuff in the
qutoetains are what i commented about okays:????????

"Libra boy ADORES everything about Aquarius girl-from the
way she looks, to, more importantly, the way her mind works
(How so very true about me). He'll hang on your every word
and won't mind engaging in hour-long conversations and
debates about the world ( Sound like me never shuting up).
You have a good natured, considerate, funny companion in
Mr. Libra, who will honor and respect you for who you are.
( This is what I think is so important some one who likes
you for who you are, I told my friend about the letter, she
didn't like it was smart, and I said this is me, and if he
doesn't like me for who I'm, then I wouldn't like him
anymore) fantastic match if ever there was one!"

I g2g
Till the purple pigs fly throw the windows of SNL, while
I'm the star...and married to elliot, livng in new york,
and being rich

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