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2002-05-09 01:08:31 (UTC)

so far, so good,..

monday night was awesome... kareokee (sp?) night at the
tavern... no I didn't sing, I was trying to convince my
friend he needed to get up and sing "Like a Virgin".. Big
Madonna fan.. BIG one. LOL He of course, didn't, but the
thought was funny..
Everyone who got up to sing, well almost everyone, was
excellent. Met one of my friends, old friends, who was very
energetic, happy, a bouncy kind of person. In other
words,.. nice. Drank too much, or just enough.. Who knows.
I probably could have drank more. LOL Oh well.. I was able
to keep my dignity and my good sense,.. with how much I had
drank. Had to walk home though. LOL which was fun. I'm
serious, it really was. Well, not home, but to the place
where I was staying that night. Swang in a hammock..
chilled.. sobered a little..had a good night..
Thank you.
Watched Exorcist last night for the first time. Two scenes
scared me, the one where she got the EEG and the popped
that needle her neck. I mean come on, what the fuck was
that for?? Within my medical knowledge, which isn't, you
know, totally extensive, but pretty good. You don't get a
needle stuck in your neck for and EEG!!! Good lord that was
terrible. And then later in the movie when she was all
nasty possessed and broke her restraints. That was a Fuck!!
moment.. No nightmares though.. Thank you god!
Got home around 5am, conked out for the majority of the
day. In and out. I got up a couple times.
Working tomorrow and friday all day. =( Oh well.. Have to
make money. Hoping to get to see Spiderman this weekend.
Guess we'll see.
At sister's now, relaxing..
we'll see what the next few days hold, huh?