my thought's deep inside
2001-06-05 12:50:54 (UTC)

i'm just not sure

well hey everyone! how's it going for all you ppl out their?
well i am really sorry for the ppl that have sent me emails
i hav'nt sent anything back because my school blocked my
email address so i cant really go in to it because i dont
have the net at home so that really sucks! well life for me
has been really interesting! i got a job at telemarketing
and i lasted a couple days than i quit! hehehehe it's all
good! i still get payed for the work i did so! anyway so
yeah i am almost done school! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahaha
i am so high right now!~ so i'm going to be moving home
soon! hehehehe it's all good! well i might go out with this
girl named jenn she's kool! i like her anyway so! well i
really was pissed off yesturday because i got a call from
Katie she was really hipper and so she was going on and on
about nothing and than she got in to that haha Ashley broke
up with you because she never liked you and so i just hung
up on her which i feel bad about that i just was upset
because i really did like her alote! well i dunno what else
to say so i g2g buy
A/K/A Twiggie A/K/A sexxxy