Jena's Rants
2001-06-05 12:31:09 (UTC)

Ohmigosh Becky, look at her butt.................

So, here i am another day in corporate america! And can i
please tell you what i went through to get here.......I am
on the bus headed downtown, (b/c you should all know that I
am anti-many vehicles headed in the same fucking direction
which happens to be an industrial city full of littering
crack heads without taking into consideration the mass
transit or carpooling), and I am reading my Basic Works of
Nietzsche which has been translated by Walter Kaufman
because it really gives you a great perspective since
Nietzsche was German and all, sometimes things can be lost
in the translation. I am getting off track here, goddamn
manic thinking. Anyhoo, so I am reading on the bus headed
downtown, and mind you there are many available seats on
said mass transit vehicle, but no - the most gigantic big
butt beast of a woman has to sit next to ME!!! WHY?? Can't
she see that she has pressed my small frame smack dead up
against the window. I look like one of those suction cup
animal toy thingy's people put on their car windows.
Complete insanity. And wouldn't you know it, she didn't
get off until the stop right before mine, though I guess
that was a blessing because it gave me time to pull out my
trusty air pump, (which i carry around for just such an
occassion), for i needed to inflate myself after that
experience. Oh well, time to make the
donuts.............or something like that.