a little piece of me
2002-05-08 23:21:33 (UTC)

very last day of school ever

damn diary...anyway, today was my last day of school. all
i had to do was go in and pick up my stuff from metals.
the teacher kept my bracelet. she wanted to make a slide
of it. i think she said i could pick it up tomorrow. i'm
not really sure. oh well. she told me i had done a really
good job in class, and was unfortunate that i couldn't be
in any more of her classes. i was a little surprised.
aside from the spider box, i didn't think anything else was
even memorable. i ended up going $30 over the limit, but i
had a sheet of copper worth $38, so i traded her. hehe, i
bought it dirt cheap, so i actually came out on top (sheet
only cost me $22, and it was about a square foot bigger
when i got it, but i used some). i think that was the
coolest class i've ever taken. i wish i could have taken

after class, jessie and i decided to walk to the square. i
needed to find a little something for my mom for mothers
day (didn't, but had fun anyway...bought turtle another
turtle for his collection :)). then we walked to the
campus, cause i found this silly little red winged
blackbird toy that sounded like a real bird. got it for my
orn professor, cause i knew he would get a kick out of it.
he wasn't there when i went by, so i dropped it off for him
anonymously. hehe. then, we walked to dq (jessie is in
love with the place) and got some ice cream. finally we
got back here. we walked about 4 miles today. took us 4
hours (had many pit stops in the square and at school). it
was so nice being outside so much.

tomorrow i'm going to pack the few remaining things, then
i'll be all done. dad's going to have to take some birds
back with him. i'll miss the little things. he'll take
basically everything but the tv (gotta keep it for x-files
on sunday night). i can't believe it's over. i was
walking through the art building today after dropping
something off in the office, and almost cried. i love that
building. so old, so cool. so many good memories over
there, too. i'm going to miss that the most...the art
stuff. i know i'll always do it, but i have access to
things here that i won't when i leave (ie torches, kilns,
etc). guess i'll have to figure something out later.

well, i guess that's plenty. oh, boogles sent me a pic
today...that was so nice of him! just in case you're
reading this, thanks again :). k, take care everyone.