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2001-06-05 12:05:59 (UTC)

my first online diary

Hi ! Well I am sort of having a hectic day in Munich,
Germany. I am currently doing my placement for my University
in Leeds, UK and I have 23 days left till I go back to
England and I can not wait any longer. I am so bored of
Munich. Spoke to my friend today in Cairo, Egypt and she is
getting engaged at the end of this month. I obviously can
not make it cause I will be flying back around that time,
but I promised her that I will try and come for her wedding
which at the beginning of next year. I can't wait...cause
that means i have to buy a dress and the lot. Extremely
excited. I really miss all my friends back in Cairo, I have
not been back in like 2 years and I want go now. My
boyfriend told his mother that he wants to get married to
me, but he does not seem to be putting a date on anything I
think he is scared of taking it one step further ! Oh well I
am not going to open this subject with him anymore cause we
always end up fighting. We have been together for 5 years
now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a headache, its this fuern
thing here in germany. Something to do with the wind coming
into munich which causes people to have headaches and all
sorts of crap stuff. Ok i might right again in a little bit.
Extremely excited about this diary thing :)

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