cosmic ski slopes
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2001-06-05 11:11:37 (UTC)


I have a huge project presentation today... huge as in I
may not be a senior if I don't pass huge.
I'm pretty much prepared, I'm just nervous now. Guess
what it's on. Bipolar Disorder. I know all the facts, I just
can't get rid of the gnawing feeling in my stomach that I
always get when I'm nervous, I might just take a couple
Advil* to relax my muscles a little bit... Today is so
AH! One week til me and Nick have been 'together' for a
month :) (it'll be on the 13th... good sign!!)
The whole 'dilemna' thing, It's just stupid of me. I mean,
a crush cannot compare at all to what I feel for Nick, I
know that, u know? Its like the type of thing where I think
I wanna be with him forever... Some stupid crush has
nothing to do with the fact that I STILL want to be with
him forever... So I gotta go, I'm gonna finish putting the
last touches on my presentation, wish me luck!
P.s. Why don' t u guys ever leave messages? Is my
thing broken?