SuGaR RuSh
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2002-05-08 22:42:35 (UTC)

"The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get."

ok 2 nite sux pretty damm bad...big b IMs me and was like i
have sum bad news...and like my stomach got all sajgfkasjfh
cuz i KNEW it was about don..and shes like holi and don r
fuckin...and i was like WHAT! i didnt believe it @
1st...then i started thinkin...and don was i
said sumthin 2 him...and he was bein all defensive n shit
like always he said no though...but im not sure if i should
believe him...and then i was like do u like her? and he
didnt answer and he put his away message on and i was like
ya great dont answer me...and i put mine up and went 2
watch tv cuz i was so pissed and i came back and i was
talkin 2 boop..and he didnt answer me then i came back and
he did...and he was like ya and i like died...i put my a/m
on and went on the couch and such a fuckin
asshole i dun even know y i care so much...i know nothings
EVER gunna happen now cuz i fucked it up ugh...i think i
cryed cuz im all pms'y n shit..ive been like this 4 like
amost 2 sux sooo bad and im gunna b like this 4
another week...ughhhhhhhhhhh i gotta do my fuckin wc and
bio projects and i havent even started on bio and its due
the more worried bout wc...i think i just mite
turn in callies bio from last yr..its the same exact thing
so thats greattt!! mom thinks im on heroin 4
real..its just wonderful aint it... this really
me likein don has really made me like depressed n
not likein it @ all hungry...i need 2 get over the fuck am i gunna do that...i was over mike be4
i even broke up w/ him!!!!! ahhhhhh ......ugh i really
wanna say sum stuff rite now but im not cuz i dun wanna
fite w/ ill say it when i wanna fite w/ ppl...i
wrote so much 2 nite lordy child...i feel so
no 1 likes me all my friends dun even like
me n e more...ugh i bitch soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i need 2 write happy things ugh this sux..bye