No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-05-08 22:07:58 (UTC)

hello friend, im a perfectly normal human worm baby. U have nothing, absolutely nothing to be afraid of. -frankie

^that child is WEIRD

KB371:i wanna b/f :-(
SuGaRuSh428: oh no u dont lol
KB371: i want ____ :-(
SuGaRuSh428: ____ is unavailable cuz hes a retard!
KB371: guys are shitty
KB371: i do want one tho!

SuGaRuSh428: do u still like john? hes immature ...i barely
talk to him cuz of his attitude
KB371: um...i dunno how i feel about john. hes a lil bit
too immature and he can really be an asshole

mrs anus is a bitch work sucks and life is shitty.

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