2002-05-08 21:54:49 (UTC)

May 8th, 2002

Not counting today, since it's allmost over, it will be 2
days till my birthday. Im excited but then im not. I will
be 18 years old. Finally 18. Graduation is within the
month. Im ready to be out on my own. Friday night is
going to be a great night because my favorite band is
playing at Magnolia street pub. In fact Dezeray's Hammer
will be playing friday night and saturday night. That is
something im looking foward to on my birthday. and the
fact that i get to see Spiderman again. That was such a
great movie. Even tho im seeing spiderman and my favorite
band, i should be excited! I should be happy that school
is goign to be over in less than two weeks. But i feel
empty. I feel like my soul has left me. Im not a sad
person. I didn't have a horrible life. It's just been
hard. My parents divorce got nasty, and im pretty much on
my own and by the end of the year i WANT to be finacially
stable. On my own not by my father