Diary of Me...
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2002-05-08 21:40:41 (UTC)


Hey hey! Today I went to the medicine dude and now I'm on
the medicine! FINALLY! It's called...... actually I forgot
what it's called.. Lol but it's an anti-depressant. Ahh!
So happy!! It BETTER work or I'll be pissed. My mom is
getting it TOMORROW becuz she has to go to wooooork.. of
course. That damn woman works too much, I never see her!
Which is a good thing sometimes.. Like.. she brings me to
the bus stop at like.. 6:45 then I won't see her until 4..
then she goes back to work at 6:30 and comes back home at
8.. and of course she a BITCH by then.. so I try to stay
away from her. Anywayz I did some Quiz thingy that has 500
questions haha. So, you may get to know me a little better.
The 500 Questions:
1. Name: Katelyn
2. Nick Names: Katey, KayKay, Cookie, MeeMee, kaylin, etc
3. Birthdate: October 22, 1986
4. Eye Colour: Brown
5. Hair Colour: uhh i think it's light brown
6. Height: 4'11 or maybe 5 ft.. who knows
7. Reside in: a placeeeeee
8. Are you a night owl? ehh.. I can be..
9. Are you an early bird? On weekdays *skool*
10. At what time of day do you feel your best? At night I
11. Do you get bored? oh yes
12. Do you sleep? no.. I never go to bed..
13. What school do you go to? NBHS
14. What school is the best? MINE
15. What do you think of Christmas? It's a good time to be
together :-)
16. Do you like presents? Hells yeah
17. Who's Santa? my mom
18. Fav. animal: I dunno.. alot of animalz are cool
19. Fav. colour: a mello yellow color, sometimes light
pink, orange, black is cool, etc etc etc
20. 2nd Fav. colour: welllll I named them up there.. lol
21. Black or white? black
22. Red or orange? orange
23. Purple or green? purple
24. Grey or beige? grey i guess
25. Blue or yellow? yellowww
26. What's so good about the #23? I don't know?
27. Jeans or sweatpants? jeans!
28. How old is your closest friend? 14 & 15
29. Do you have a mom? yeah
30. What nicknames do you have? I answered this BITCH!
31. Ever been in love? I am right nowww
32. Do you have a dad? yes I do
33. Do you love your parents? ehh sometimes they piss me
off but.. yes
34. Do you love your friends? uh huh!
35. How many bro's? zero
36. How many sis's? one.. blah
37. Whats is your mom's name? Mom
38. Dad's name? Dad
39. Have any pets? yes
40. Dog or cat? both are cool
41. Frog or snake? Frogs I gues
42. Monkey or mouse? I dunnoo
43. Do you like animals? yep
44. Do you like hospitals? ehhh it's kinda a freaky place
to be
45. Do nurses and doctors freak you out? if they're giving
me a shot.. lol
46. Are you attracted to sick people? lol uhh no..
47. Does medicine actually cure you? yes!
48. Do hospital smells bug you? eww yeah
49. Does the sight of blood make you sick? yes
50. Do you like needles? AHHH nooo!!
51. Enjoy pain or despise it? I dunno
52. What comes to mind with water? swimming
53. Do you admire oceans? no... yucky salt and jelly fish
54. Sun or moon? both
55. Is rain good? sometimes...
56. Have grandparents? yes
57. Name a weird girl: Monique
58. Does it matter if girls wear make-up? naw
59. Yellow or pink-orange socks? pink-orange
60. Do you eat? YEAH
61. Are men from mars and women from venus? Shut upp
62. Qui adore-tu? uhh no..?
63. Long hair or short? On guys- Short hair.. Girls- not a
boy haircut..
64. Do you like popcorn? it's okay
65. Can you dance? No ahaha
66. Fav. music? punk!!!
67. Like Celine Dion? ewwww
68. Fav. band: a bunchhhh! Blink182 is definitly way up
there though
69. Who is Danielle Bourque? I don't kno!
70. Do you enjoy church? I don't go to church..
71. Like classical music? ehh.. itz alright
72. Hmmm... river valley's? oh ya?
73. Like TV? sometimes
74. You despise secular music? who made this shit?
75. Do you know what that is? uh nooo
76. Isn't Michael W. Smith your fav? can't say he is
77. Planning on going to college? eventually
78. Enjoy baby sitting? if the kid is good... and potty
79. Courting or dating? HmMMmM
80. What do you think of a penny? a penny..
81. Glass half full or empty? Empty.. :-/
82. Ever been engaged? nooo
83. What would you do w/a million $? Go NUTS I'd buy so
much shit!
84. Do you like hoodies? yes but I can't wear them at
school dammit!
85. Can you cry? OHHH yeah
86. Saddest thing ever: Hmm.. "soap opera" *for those who
know about it* Actually that wasn't that sad.. it was at
the time.. but that was like.. 2 or 3 years ago.. Hmm wut
else... i dunno at the moment
87. Got yourself a girl/guy? yep i gotz meself a dude
88. Can you drive? uh, not yet exactly
89. Do you use kleenex? uh.. ya
90. Do you like using kleenex: suure
91. Do you like hockey? not really hun
92. Do you shave? fuck yeah.. I ain't gonna become a Human
93. Enjoy sleeping? hell yea
94. What do you think of onions? they give ya bad breath
95. Gretski's old #? I don't know!! 88?
96. Ever watched boy meets world? yes yes
97. What's baywatch? a really fucked up show
98. Home for the holidays? uh ok
99. Do you drink? SHHH heh.. whenever I'm at my gpa's
house.. I STEAL THE WINE COOLERS.. and i take other stuff
too.. but not too often am I there
100. Fav. beverage: hmm.. Lemonade.. waterrr... etc
101. Fav. pop: Code Red Mountain Dew
102. Like meatballs? no..
103. 3 words to describe your room: messy, purple, crowded
104. Like freckles? ehh
105. Describe P.J's: comfffffffy
106. Like babies? hmm.. if they dont cry alot..
107. Curly or straight? my hair?? it's straight..
108. How old is your dad? like... 46..?
109. Remember grade 7? eww yeah
110. Blond,red, or brown? brown..?
111. Like janitors? some are weird *poor guyz*
112. Is homework your passion? NO
113. What are lips? they are use to KISS
114. Love cafeteria food? yucky
115. 1 word for studying: shitty
116. Fav. numbers: hmm.. i dunno
117. Watch the news? no
118. Mom's birthday: Sept. 16
119. Hamburgers or milkshakes? milkshakes
120. A prep? don't classify me
121. 1 word to describe life: blah
122. Kind of car you prefer: whatever looks cool, and drives well
123. Can you work an oven? If I actually WANTED to..
124. Ever smoked? cant say that I have
125. Do you like tennis shoes? naw
126. Like tank tops? yes
127. Do you wear cologne/perfume? Body Splash
128. Like worms? ewwwy
129. 2 words about pillows: Soft, fluffy
130. 1 thing you're scared about of guys/girls: rejection i guess?
131. Planning on getting married? I would like to someday
132. Do you go to church? nope
133. Do you wear underwear? yes I do
134. Fav. cartoon character: I don't really watch cartoons.
135. Do dogs drool and cats rule? whatever u say
136. Who is Pamela Anderson? she has plastic boobies
137. Do you use soap? whatever is in the shower
138. Least Fav. colour: poop brown
139. Are your hands dry? my hands r normal..
140. Most romantic thing: Kissing in the pouring rain *hey shut up! I
happen to think it's cute!*
141. Like earings? nah
142. Interested in graduating? sure
143. Often tired? uh huh
144. Do you like clay? suuure.........
145. Believe in ghosts? uh huh
146. Have a secret passion for egg nog? bleh. it tastes kinda funky
147. Are you a Christian? :-
148. Believe in God? yea
149. Fav. church song: I don't go to church dickhead!
150. Like the name Hannah? not a fav.. but I guess its okay
151. How many kids do you want? Like... 2 i guess. I use to want 4..
but Nooo! I realized they are a pain in the ASS
152. Considered doing drugs? er, not recently.
153. Considered witch craft? oh man.. haha
154. Love pizza? Its pretty good.. but it's not my fav.
155. Who is Megan Knall? uhh no...
156. Do you like school? not this semester..
157. Ever dressed up as the opposite sex? Lol no
158. Fav. flower: i dunno
159. Do you wear a belt? nope
160. Do you like boxes? not for me.. but for a guy, yes
161. Fav. scent: my Orange Creme body splash and the smell of LEMONS!
162. Like apple pie? not a fav. but it's okay
163. Fav. Christmas carol: I dunno but i like singing them! ahaha
164. Like lava lamps? sure..
165. Can you sing? nooo
167. Dad's Birthday: March 23
168. Read the Bible? no
169. Believe in it? leave me alone
170. Like candles? yeah
171. Gold or silver? both
172. Do you shower? yeah!
173. Bio,Chem or Physics? I'm in Bio at the moment
174. Math or Science? BLAH
175. English or social? english
176. Checkered or spotted? dooooodoooooodoooooo
177. Fried or baked? mmm fried food kix ass
178. Like seafood? some
179. Chicken or pork? chicken
180. Fav. shampoo: whatever smells good
181. Who is Darci Kew? I DONT KNOW
182. 4 words to describe home: boring, boring, boring... boring
183. What's bad? I am baaaadddd
184. Do you use deodorant? yeah lol
185. Mr. Millions or Mr. Strelau? *sigh*
186. Fav. Teacher? Mrs. Divignon (3rd grade), Mr. Arujo (last
187. Prep or Nike shoes? whatever
188. Name your dog bingo? hell no
189. Ever burned toast? nah
190. Carry a lighter? no
191. Like football? i'm not into sports
192. 2 words to describe socks: interesting, wonderful...
193. Enjoy vaccuming? nope
194. Surf the internet? yeah
195. Are you lonely? Not really
196. Being a guy/girl fun? No bro
198. Considered getting a guy/girl? I have a guy!
199. 1 thing not like in a guy/girl? rawr
200. Who is Kathleen Breakey? some whore
201. Are you a partyer? I dunno
202. 1 thing you like in a guy/girl? hmmm
203. Do people lie? big time
204. Bite your nails? no
205. Use nailpolish? no
206. What does the #7 mean? a week..?
207. Does reading hurt? nah
208. Tight or loose fitting clothes? for me.. nothing really loose..
tight is okay.. unless I'm having a "fat day"
209. Privacy a must? yeah
210. Like sewing? no
211. Like cooking? nah
212. Who has the most influence on you? i dont know
213. Believe in wishing? hmm.. sometimes...
214. Keep a journal? er, this one..
215. Are you a poet? I try to be
216. 2 words describing parents room: waterbed, small
217. Like carrots? not really
218. Single or double bed? i dont kare
219. Do you floss? if i remember to
220. Have a clock? yes..
221. Who is Coty Swayne? DAMN U
223. Describe dreaming: something that I seem to do quite often..
224. Ever stayed up all night? yeah
225. Obey your parents? hmm.. sometimes
226. Are you fair? usually
228. Do you laugh? yeah
229. Do you keep a calendar? no
230. Smooth or rough? smooth..?
231. Shiney or dull? shiney
232. Bright or dark? w/e
233. Silky or satin? silky
234. Who is Leanne brown? uhhhh
235. Mr. Scrooge remind you of someone? Mr. Raposo!!!!! Oh maaaan!
236. Are you selfish? I've been called selfish..
237. Do you share? yah
238. Teddybear or money? essh good question
239. High or low? i dunno
240. Deep or shallow? shallow..?
241. Ever worn a dress? ya
241. Sent flowers to someone? my gma..
242. Think about your first kiss? NO I don't even want to go there
243. Ever been sent flowers? nope.. :-/
244. Anyone opened your locker for you? when i couldnt do it the 1st
245. Who is Corie Harsch? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
246. Striped horizontal or vertical? horizontal
247. Why do girls hog the bathroom? becuz we need to make ourselves
248. Do you brush your teeth? Yes
249. Fav. toothpaste? i dunno
250. Abundance or poor? dunno
251. Do you jog? blah.. only for gym
252. Like mickey mouse? he's kinda annoying
253. Why collect dimes? to save it for more money someday..?
254. Who is your hero? hmmm
255. Does God forgive sins? i guess
256. How many holes in your body? I'm not about it count
257. What would you do with a pen? write, stab whoever made this..
258. Like wrapping presents? NO
259. Like drawing? ehh, i cant draw
260. Like sculpting? bleh
261. Like lip gloss? YESSSSSS
262. Fav. soap: dunno
263. Ever dyed your hair? yes
264. Ever had gum in your hair? nah
265. Blue ink or black? black
266. Contacts or glasses? i wud prolly get contacts.
267. Florida or California? Cali. sounds cool
268. Whales or dolphins? dolphins
269. Pictures or photos? RAWR
270. Fricken or freakin? uhh.. freakin
271. Love at first sight? kinda
272. Disneyland or Disneyworld? haven't been to either
273. Best place for a honeymoon: dont know
274. Yellow or orange? yellow
275. Barbie or ken? Ken is muy guapos *not*
276. Believe in monsters? no
277. Nicest thing you've done: I saved someone.. :-
278. Is your room clean? nope
279. Worst thing you've done: i'm innocent.
280. Who was your first kiss with? a senior..
281. Who is Waldo? the dude in the book
282. Like to talk on the phone? i guess
283. Enjoy shopping? VERY MUCH!
284. Something I don't know about you: i cant tell you
285. Future career: dunno
286. Fuzzy or smooth sweaters? smooth
287. Warm or cold? warm
288. Ever wore overalls? in like 5th grade
289. Celebrate Easter? yes
290. Fav. season: spring sometimes fall is okay
291. Fav. month: OCTOBER ;-)
292. 3 words to describe summer: vacation, pool, hot
293. Believe in angels? ya
294. Is Jesus coming back? what's w/ these kinda questions
295. Push or pull? pull
296. Eat yogurt? only the Whipped yogurt is good
297. Strawberry or kiwi? Strawberry
298. Have a Fav. blanket? not anymore. :-(
299. Eat breakfast? usually
300. Fav. fruit: lemons and strawberries
301. Ham or cheese? cheese
302. Salt or pepper? salt
303. Bath or shower? shower
304. Fav. subject: in school? nothing at the moment
305. Sunny or cloudy? sunny
306. Raining or snowing? raining
307. CD's or cassettes? cds
308. Believe in rainbows? DUR i've seen one.. or 2
309. Believe in a pot of gold? er, no
310. Fav. yearly holiday: all are cool
311. 3,2,or 1 pillow? 2
312. Fav. cereal: Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs and Waffel Crisp
313. Do you eat bagels? yeah
314. Colour of Caina's eyes: pink
315. Gone grocery shopping? yes
315. Fav. kind of jam: strawberry!
316. Live in a house? yes
317. Is this the longest survey ever? yeah.
318. How far can you count? i dunno
319. Do you like Creed? they're pretty cool
320. Listen to the radio? in the car
321. Fav. radio station: whatever is on
322. Fav. TV show: the osbournes is awesome lol
323. Like raking leaves? no
324. Like shoveling snow? no
325. Fav. food: fries and food thats not good for u lol
326. 2nd Fav. food: i dunno
327. Fav. alcholic beverage: smirnoff
ice, wine coolers, whatever is good
328. Do you have wiskers? no...
329. Who is your role model? no one
330. Listen to advertisements? they piss me off
331. Are you a caring person? i try to be
332. Are you afraid of the dark? nope, dark=cool
333. Afraid of the light? naw
334. Afraid of Caina? wha?
335. Considered karate? nope
336. Considered ballet? nope
337. Can you ballroom dance? nope
338. Are you a nature person? not really
339. Enjoy rock climbing? not really
340. Like Ukranian food? havent had it
341. Ever been camping? yes
342. How about hiking? no
343. Can you cook over a campfire? marshmellows *smores*
344. Is New Age bad? can be
345. Celebrate Christmas? yeah
346. Like greasy hair? no..
347. Like stuffed animals? yes they r nice to cuddle w/ when feeling
348. Ever donated blood? no
349. Ever broke a bone? no
350. Gotten into an accident? no
351. Ever been bullied? no
352. Does life suck? hm.. alot of the time
353. Chocolate,vanilla or strawberry: chocolate or vanilla
354. Fantasize about corn on the cob? ehh no
355. Carry a purse? if i go shopping
356. Tried to get yourself lost? no...
357. 1 word for sibling rivalry: rawr
358. Fav. juice: grapefruit..?
359. Fav. magazine: dunno
360. Who is April Poetker? penis
361. Like Shakespeare? when i'm in the mood
362. Like writing essays? if its a cool topic
363. Discman or walkman? discman
364. 3 words to describe the bus: yellow, fahked, ppl
365. Ever sat on santa's knee? lol yes
366. What does the colour blue mean to you? hmm my old fav color
367. Who are the Dixie Chicks? country chicks
368. Listen to country music? nope
369. Dance the polka? no.....
370. Know the funky chicken? no..
371. Remember dancing in Jr. High? ahhaha yes
372. Like Shania Twain? no.
373. Are you having fun yet? nope
374. Ever streaked your hair? yes
375. Like bananas? not really
376. Sweet or sour? both
377. Are you a good boy/girl? good girl heh.
378. Are your friends insane? oh yea
379. Where are your descendents from? Portugal.. Ireland, Canada..?
380. Ever mooned anyone? no
381. Played truth or dare? yes
382. You still use diapers? lmao nope
383. You a hat person? not on me
384. Do you admire snow? not really... to cold
385. Do you mind alligators? havent come across one in my life
386. Are you afraid of clowns? if they're naked
387. Like shortbread cookies? not really
388. Who is Milo? wasn't that a dog?
389. Is your mom a female? u penis!
390. Is your dad a male? duur...
391. Apple or pear? apple
392. Chretien or Day? huh?
393. Do you believe in praying? ya
394. Believe in the toothfairy? lol not anymore...
395. Believe in the Easter bunny? no..
396. Ever delivered flyers? no
397. Ever been on a plane? no
398. Fav. potato chips: the ones my grandma has at her house.. lol
399. Like camara's? i love taking pictures
400. Have a pair of sunglasses? yeah!!!!!!!!!!
401. Ever been in the car for 3 hours or more: yes
402. Do you bite your brother cuz you are mad or hungry? I don't have
a bro...
403. Do you eat soup? yes
404. Do you have a remote control car? no
405. What do you do when you're mad? i get in a bad
mood.. rawr
406. Afraid of the police? nah
407. Ever dreamed you were naked? no..
408. Are girls/guys annoying? they can be
409. Do you have a Christmas stocking? yeah
410. Work a computer? yes
411. Hate being sick? yes
412. Are you a big spender? when i have alotta money
413. Do you have a garden? i think so...
414. Fav. TV channel: i dunno
415. Fav. ice cream: ahhh!! u had to ask this!! Hmm I would have to
say my new one is Grasshopper Pie..my all time favz r Cookie Dough
and Cappachino Dream *friendly's*
416. Like to build snowmen? suure...
417. Can you iron clothes? nope
418. 2 words to describe money: presents, clothes
419. Fav. veggie: potatoes
420. Who is Mariah: Mariah Carey?
421. Are you the boss of the remote? no?
422. Warm weather or cold? warm
423. Spring or fall? spring
424. Long dress or short? short
425. Ever dreamed you're falling? probably
426. Do you paint? not really
427. Work a VCR? yes
428. Who is Andrea? a bitch that was gonna beat me up last year
429. Capital of Alberta: ?
430. Fav. restaurant: somewhere good
431. Fav. clothing store: I have a bunnnch
432. What's in your CD player? Eve6 and in my other one is a mixed CD
433. Collect hockey cards? no
434. Fav. hockey team: none
435. Fav. player: none
436. Has a bear ever ruined your campsite? no..
437. Ever watched Clueless? I dont think so..
438. Like to dress up? on a good occation.. not much of those though
439. Like to chew gum? yes
440. Fav. gum: dont kare
441. What are towels for? to dry off after taking a shower
442. Ever blind folded yourself? no..
443. What makes a good friend? someone that u can relate to, and have
fun w/, and who will understand u and not be a bitch
444. Who is Bill Smith? ??????
445. Do you like Mc Donalds? not my #1 place to go.. but i can deal
446. Coke or Pepsi? pepsi
447. Who is Monica Lewinsky? WHORE
448. What would you do with $1? save it lol
449. Know someone who is bald? yep
450. How far is Manitoba from here? dont ask me
451. Does the name BOB freak you out? nope..
452. What does a ring mean to you? hmm.. engagment..? or maybe
something sentimental
453. Fav. snack: Sun chips, cookies *soft ones*, everything!
454. Fav. candy: alot of stuff
455. Skittles or gobstoppers? skittles
456. Cinnimon hearts or mints? mints
457. Do you have a toothbrush? yesssss
458. Is beer bad? i'm not to fond of the taste
459. Do you like eggs? sometimes
460. Do you drink milk? when i have something chocolatey
461. Ever considered peircing your belly button? yes
462. Do you wear a watch? no
463. Ever shoplifted? when i was in like.. 1st grade
464. Ever stole batteries? no...
465. Ever got arrested? nope
466. Ever considered spending time in jail? no lol
467. Do you like Barney? sexy bitch
468. Aww, come on: rawr
469. Do you use gel in your hair? no
470. Have you ever sneezed? yes
471. Have you ever hitchhiked? no
472. Ever stayed in a luxerious hotel? not really, no
473. Ever been to Hawaii? nope
474. Fav. chocolate bar: anything unless it has coconut in it YUCK
475. How much do you love school? I dont like it..
476. Are you a fashion freak? naw
477. Colour of ceiling in my room in 200 years: lime green..
478. Do you always eat the red ones last? YA ahaha
479. Own a bikini? yeah
480. Do you like pineapple? ya
481. Been scuba diving? nope
482. Been skydiving? nope
483. Considered bungee jumping? no
484. Do you have a photo album? yea
485. Ever cross-dressed? no... lol
486. How do you spell "BINGO"? f u c k
487. Are you a sugar momma/dadda? no..?
488. Rather eat spiders or slugs? GROSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHH YUCK
489. How many sleeps until Caina leaves? 8765876
490. Fav. coffee: dunkachinooo
491. Fav. tea: dunno
492. Can you rub your head and belly at the same time? dunno
493. Will we be friends forever? suure.....
494. Is Caina's hand hurting? uh.. they died
495. Don't you love Caina!? not at all..?
496. Fav. coffee house? dunno
497. Can you clean? if i wanted to
498. Do you use suntan lotion? occationally
499. Can you snowboard? nope
500. Enough questions now? yeah, its pissing me off..

WOW.. that was annoying! lol Lata