ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-05-08 21:37:10 (UTC)

Shattered Dreamz......Broken Reality

Something is wrong with me..not mentally..but
phsyically..im not sure what it is yet...i have an idea but
its not confirmed...i have to go to the docs...if its what
i think it is...thingz will be much different from now on..
Today i went to the career center for a trip to see what
it will be like next year.Mrs.Parks, the fashion careers
teacher was very nice and im looking forward to working
with her next year...the whole atmosphere today at vo-tech
was great. i saw D at lunch and sum kid with dreds and a
ICP shirt..but i didnt kno him.wonder who he is? I saw kim
also..she waved and said hi for once.then it was back to
alco for part of 6th and yhe rest of 7th.got midterms
yesterday ..my grades are doing fine..my worst grade is a C
in algebra.
well you wont believe who called after skool today. the
phone rang and it said UNKNOWN NAME..so i answered and
after i said hello they hung up...they called back again
and the person said hello.i asked who it was and they asked
who i was..i told them ashley.and they kept saying "guess
who this is?" and they said i hadnt talked to them in
forever and we used to be really close.well i thought it
might of been burke but i wasnt sure cuz the voice sounded
different.and when i said "the only person i know that i
havent talked to in awhile is my ex burke and he wouldnt
call" well the person laughed and that gave it away...it
was BURKE!!!!! i couldnt believe he called.i asked him
about the whole Hupe ordeal and he saud it was a big
misunderstanding...there not dating.he said he was the one
who hung up..he said he got nervous and almost threw up cuz
it felt weird calling me...that means he was excited about
calling...that made me really happy plus hes comming home
friday at 7 and he'll be over..im gettin so nervous about
it..i kno i still feel for him.we talked for almost an hour
and then he got off the phone.i cant wait to see him friday.
you kno Andrea told me the other day in tech a
saying.."if your with sumone once and they screw you over
its there fault,but if you go back with them and it happens
again,then its your fault"..which is true...but isnt there
a saying " if you love sumthing enough let it go and if it
comes back then you know its meant to be"...well you kno
what i've thrived on that very saying becuz i always
thought me and burke were soulmates...now hes comming
back..to me...in a way...i dont kno what to do...my heart
and soul tell me one thing, my common sense tells me

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