teen trama
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2002-05-08 21:20:47 (UTC)


Well I thought I would try this to just vent my
thoughts, and maybe get some useful advice. This boy, we'll
call him Joe has caused me great confusion. We went out on
three dates and after the last one, he no longer will
respond to me! It's awful. I've told him if he would just
give me some sort of answer I would leave him alone, but he
refuses to. Is it really selfish of me to want some kind of
closeure? Hmmm...I'd like to think not, because the
confusion does nothing for me...and if anything just upsets
me. He was the one that wanted the more serious
relationship, so why the sudden change in heart? I wanna
see things from a different angle, so that maybe I can
understand...any ideas?