still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-06-05 08:46:58 (UTC)

For entertainment purposes only

Well it's way over between Denis...whom I will now lovingly
speak of as dickhead. I thought I'd hate work today but I
stuck it out and felt a lot stronger though still not happy
to be there...I pretty much just avoided him and he did the
same with me especially after i talked with Edwin...another
guy in the office(just a friend)we did coc together last
week...whole other story...anyays...he seemed jealous but
maybe it's wishful thinking. So he wasn't really a jerk but
he was just Denis minus personality with me. Fuck
it...what's a girl to do...just go with the flow is what
I'm gonna do now...he ain't worth it with his miniature
hands and cock..of course I would go out with him again in
a heartbeat if he pathetic am I...but I'm
better now.I'm dieting and exercising and have already lost
5 lbs. The only thing that's gotten worse is my bald
spot..had been stresed and yanked a lot I'll
concentrate on everything else right now...tannin, getting
skinny.I look 21 in the face so I want to have the hardbody
to and that's what I'm focused on and I know I can do
it...cuz I used t o have it. Anyway just gonna go smoke
another bowl and watch I Love Lucy and whatever other old
sitcoms are on...not mch choice it seems...wel signing
off...sorry I didn't call George but just didn't think it
was a good idea...i don't feel comfortable never having met
you...don't be mad please! well goodnight

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