Dirty Fractyl
2002-05-08 20:45:03 (UTC)

Unsacred Doctrines as I Procrastinate Doing Nothing

This is going to go letter by letter, simply because I am
somewhat bored and can think of no better way to write such
a random entry. Obviously, it will not be anywhere near
finished today, as there are 26 letters to cover and
wordiness is a characteristic of my writing which is
blatently obvious, perhaps even to the illiterate, when you
see the thickness of the stacks of crap I have written
since I was 13.

A: Abortion

While I am diametrically opposed to abortion in most cases,
I am not ignornant enough to believe that I, or any
government, should have the right to tell people whether or
not they may chose to "abort" their pregnancy. As long as
it is an early abortion, first trimester, you are not truly
taking a HUMAN LIFE, but a POTENTIAL HUMAN LIFE, which is
not the same. The fetus does not have a personality or any
of the things that intrinsically make a human a human. It
is a developing human that will one day bear the features
of you and I, but at that time in its development, it
scarcely diffentiated from the fetus of a chicken, and
still does bear gills like the fish that we once were
(ontology recapitulates philogeny). The reasons for
a "justifyable" abortion to me would be the following:

1) a rape production (though these are rare)
2) diseased mother that would pass the disease on to the
child, especially in the case of terminal diseases
3) a mother that is physically unable to withstand the
stresses of pregnancy

There may be other reasons, and other reasons why it is
justifyable, but in essence it is a problem and debate that
will not end in the forseeable future, and I think it
should be written as a law with clauses, the only fair way
to resolve such a matter. Even still, opponents would
still strike at the heart of such a touchy subject.

B: The "Bozone Layer"

A term adopted from a Far Side comic, the "Bozone Layer"
was defined to be the layer of idiots shielding the rest of
the universe from the harmful effects of Earth. I later
added to this definition and said that it could be said to
be composed of triatomic Boron, which is obviously an
impossible molecule due to Boron's charge, only making the
matter more humorous to me, since the so called "bozone
layer" could easily be taught to believe in the existance
of such a molecule.
Where exactly are you headed with this, Brett?, you all may
ask. Well, the subject is a touchy one, one that I should
have probably left for the letter 'e,' but I am not. The
subject is eugenics. I am a proponent of eugenics. I
always have been; I always will be. Eugenics, for those
not versed with the term, is the selective breeding of
humans. Because of the fact it is readily apparent that
natural selection is not running its course as it was
intended to due to the fact that man has isolated itself
from nature, it is allowing the idiots to propogate at an
alarming rate, while they filch off the poor, even worse,
it is societially justifyable and legal, being
called "welfare" and "mediacare." Winston Churchill noticed this
long ago, warned us, and we are watching the effect take hold at an
alarming rate. Worse, people are supporting it, calling it an influx
of "social diversity," a euphemism for stating that we are allowing
the minorities, particularlly those that are low class socially to
dominate the mass of our culture. Socialism is the worst
thing to ever happen to natural selection; the same holds
true for communism.
Yes, Marxism is a good philosophy, and eugenics are a great
path to take in aiding it. At least many countries do have laws that
call for the sterilization of the mentally retarded or those
who are mentally incompetent, true "idiots," by the legal
term. But I would like to see further steps taken. I
would like to see a manditory test instituted that would
constitute whether or not the individual could obtain
a "parenting license." Should the fail the test, which
would not only focus on the rearing of offspring, but also
on so-called common sense theories and natural
intelligence, the person would not be able to have
children. It would effectively allow the human race to
improve itself. Certainly, it would deny the rights of the
individual, but it would be for the good of society. And
as once said by a Chinese sociologist, "what is good socially is
good in all respects." Chinese culture, while somewhat amoral, is
progressing rapidly, and our "empire" will eventually give way to
theirs, as theirs is built on common sense, and ours is built on
Puritanical garbage and pointless benevolence.

C: Cultivation of Hemp

Man is erring on the side of absurdity. Driving an economy
that is oil dependant, providing jobs to millions, and
dollars in the trillions, the earth is being sacrficed at
this cause. Hemp can grow, and be used as a very efficient
fuel, at little cost to the soil. Fields can be
recultivated many times over, providing an endless source
of hemp oil to be used as fuel. It is estimated that with
100 million acres to grow hemp, the fuel economy could be
replaced overnight.
Aside from the energy benefits, which are great enough
within themselves, hemp used to be used as a fabric for
paper, sails, clothing, and numerous other uses. It is
durable. Hemp's fabric life exceeds cotton's about twenty-
fold. And still, it illegal to cultivate the plant, simply
because the females are so tasty and wonderful to smoke.

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