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2001-06-05 08:07:50 (UTC)

The Goal Isn't Enough

This letter was sent to my boss today; a reminder for years
to come.

Dear Sir,
I have worked with the Hit to Hit team since 15 May
01. During this time, I have met all my daily requirements.
Furthermore, I have gone beyond my required tasks by
focusing on the implementation of a "continuous
improvement" way of thinking; for both Hourly and Salaried
employees of the 1st. shift. I have worked with my
Supervisors and Managers; teaching them new ways to focus
on team building. I have worked with hourly teams, to
implement "Lean" ways of working. These include QPS sheets,
5s, and chart reading. It was planned for me to begin,
attending Die Set meetings, in attempt to restructure the
proceedings in a Ford Production Systems manner.
However, all efforts have been discontinued. A
controversy over my being on first shift, has ending my
duties with the Hit to Hit team. This will, no doubt, leave
the midnight crew without guidance for their growth. I do
not pretend to know all the answers. I do not think, to
know how to run this business. I do, however, understand
the means of improving it. I can help these teams to make
us healthy. I have done so before.
Because, you are likely unaware of my past
accomplishments involving Woodhaven Stamping Plant and the
Value Streams, I feel I should name a few;
I wrote a dictionary explaining the hole and nut
usages of the Front Floor Pan Value Stream. I attended the
1999 Customer Driven Quality Awards, for my work of the
torque box off location situation (441 assy). I was the
author to the Woodhaven Stamping Plant "Value Stream
Guide". Which was to be used by team leaders and
Supervisors. I trained all team leaders and guided their
efforts in the drawing of Current State Maps. I met with
and trained all team leaders teams on the usages of the
original and then secondary versions of the SQDCM boards. I
designed the currently used SQDCM board (which; in my
opinion is grossly misrepresented today). I implemented a
total FPS restructuring of 425 Assy (no longer exercised).
I trained Team leaders and teams in QPS implementation and
usages. I created, then revised the Coil Receiving Board
for the SMF crew. I visited and trained teams in effective
meetings, them coached them to implement the lessons
learned. I guided Bay II in their efforts of implementing
FPS, and had begun to do so in Bay I. I visited five (5)
customer plants to study their successes and failures in
the implementation of Lean Manufacturing, then brought back
written reports used as lessons for our management team as
guidance in the "journey to lean". I worked with Staff, on
the 23 line project creating current state maps, gathering
data, and creating baseline information for quick quick
changeovers.Also, during this project I help to set up
Cross Functional communications between WSP and MI Truck. I
attended an ROB meeting where I fought, successfully, for
the teams rights to be heard in FPS. I created countless,
presentations used by management during visits from various
members of Vehicle Operations. I helped to design the
communications center (grossly misrepresented today).
These things , and much more I have accomplished.
Both here at WSP, and at home. I had spent four nights (in
a three month span) in this building (some without pay)
trying "to make things right". I spent many nights at home,
without sleep or regret in the belief of FPS. I have
allowed myself to be hidden, so that others could be
credited for my accomplishments. I have made mistakes
during my work, I will not deny that. Please understand
these errors, were made trying to find the right path for
our building. Whether or not you realize it, I have been
here all along. I have literally shed tears for the
pressure that came with trying to create "the change"
needed in our building. I have been threatened, harassed,
and degraded, but I continued on. Because, the teams asked
me to. It wasn't until I felt I could no longer make a
difference that I stopped.
When Rich Williams asked me to come help the Die Set
Teams. I felt it would be the chance to to help start
something positive again: I was right. But, again the
pressures have been applied, the intimidations have been
gotten. Once again, I have been cut short the progress that
could have been made. I have been told to step aside. And
so, I will obey the order. For this Sir, I apologize. I'm
sorry I can not help any longer. Though, I do belive in the
FPS intiatives; and I still have the support and respect of
the teams. The hardships have been to great. The teams have
seen this and understand. They, better than anyone, know
what I have traded for accomplishments. This time the goal,
no matter how meaningful just isn't enough.

With great respect, James Arnold