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2002-05-08 19:37:55 (UTC)

Town Day

John and I went to Eugene today. We stocked up on the usual
stuff at Costco, went to Home Depot to pick up a bag of sand
(I looked at the plants) John needs for the greenhouse
floor, stopped at Jerry's for some more hardware stuff (I
looked at the plants here too), ate lunch, kept my doctor's
appointment and then we decided to go back to Costco. Not
to buy anything but to look.

We are going to have a graduation party for Gavin and we've
realized we don't have nearly enough outside chairs. There
are at least a dozen adults coming and several are in their
80s and we want them to be comfortable. We looked at a teak
set of six chairs and a table but it was very dear at
$1,000. On the other hand, teak will last forever if it's
well take care of. We're thinking, we're thinking. We
could always borrow the chairs from assorted relatives. Or
we could rent. Whatever we do we'll have to decide fairly

It was already 3 p.m when we got back so we just had a quick