Randi Lynn

2002-05-08 19:34:31 (UTC)


I was on the bus, school bus, on the way home, and..A 6th
grader sat in the seat behind me, and 6th graders can only
sit in the first 8 seats, and I was past those seats, but
the bus driver said since ther eisnt many on its ok,
anyway, So they sit behidn me and they go "Do you think you
can move forward a seat?" and i said "no" because thats
the seat i sit in every day, and then they said something
else and I asked them why and they said "because i dont
want to sit behind you, you're annoying" and I dont even
talk when im on the bus, Does that mean my presence annoys
them? i told em to move back a seat and they said no, and i
didnt really care where they sat, but that just makes me
mad..I wounder if that's why no one likes me, Do they all
think im annoying? And I cant believe it was a 6th grader!
oh, oh, and after that, My window was open, i didnt open
it, i moved tot eh end of my seat so the wind coudlnt blow
on me cuz i couldnt close the window, and that 6th grader
asked me if i *COULD* close it, and i said No, because,
well, i couldnt, but i didnt tell em that. and they
said "will you please close it?" and i said "I cant" and
they said "Please?!" and i said "no!" and Then they called
me a bitch x.x I swear i dont like people like that, i
never did anything to them! i mean, when i was in their
grade, I was probably just as bad as them, cuz i used to
get made fun of alot cuz i was overweight, and I'd make
fun of the other kids they made fun of cuz since they were
cool i figured makeing fun of the kids they made fun of
woudl make me cool...lol, of course it didnt, I used to be
really mean x.x but im not anymore. I've learned my lesson.
Alot more has happened but no one else being mean to me...
lol, i was laughing all day and my "friend" tanya told me
to shut up when i was laughing..talk about mean..grrr

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