SuGaR RuSh
2002-05-08 19:12:41 (UTC)

beat up...

i got killed 2 was jusy buttloads of
fun...1st in gym we r playin kick ball and i was runnin
home and don had 2 try n get me out so he threw the ball @
me and it hit me and then hit my necklace and that hit my
tooth...that hurt lol...uma baby and then after 8th i was
standin w/ my hommies and bert n ernie (HAHAHA) come and
like tackle me and steal my shoe and megan takes it and i
make megan they like threw me 2 the ground and
like ripped my shoe hurt...lordy uma big hungry 2...lalala...what am i gunna wear 2
skool 2 morrow...? i got another f on my french quiz....i
took another 1 2day and i think i did OK..mabye a c if im
lucky well im out


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