Squeeb's world
2002-05-08 17:22:04 (UTC)


Ok I am so wiped out. Whoever thought being a nursemaid
would be so much work. Mom's been home for not quite a week
yet and I'm run ragged. That and it doesn't help that I have
my period. Thankfully neighbours have been bringing food by
so that's one less thing I have to worry about. I haven't
been sleeping well though. A couple of times I've had to get
up to help Mom throughout the night.
On a brighter note though- I finally heard from my Kim.
She's been working quite a bit. Poor girl. I miss her so
much. I honestly wish we were still in school and we could
goof off and stuff. That was so much fun. Responsibility
sucks. And I've figured out that she has a thing for my
cousin Phil and doesn't like his now ex-girlfriend. I think
they'd be cute together but I liked his ex too and she's my
friend now too so I dunno. Anyhoo life beckons.

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